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•••> Here's Where You Can Get CraigsList Phone-Verified Accounts

You can get 5 PVAs for $30, 10 PVAs for $50, 25 PVAs for $125 ... 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ... Volume Discounts Available

Providing you abide by the CraigsList Community Rules, these phone-verified accounts will give you many years of excellent service.

These accounts have been carefully hand-crafted every step of the way to insure trouble-free operation, and posting tips are included, in case you're new to posting ads on CraigsList.

On September 6th, 2008, CraigsList expanded the number of sections requiring phone-verified accounts. Here is The Official List of phone-verification-required sections:

For Sale
Items Wanted

In other words, unless you have a CraigsList Phone-Verified Account, you will not be able to post an ad in these sections.

Also, you need a *quality* phone-verified account. It needs to be made in the United States, it needs to be unique in every single respect, and it needs to be "clean" and pristine and ready for you alone to use.

In addition, you need to study the Craigslist Terms of Service carefully so you fully understand what is -- and what is not -- allowed.

You may get away with bending the rules in the beginning, but that's only because CraigsList is kind of like West Point: They give you X number of demerits at the beginning of your account's history, and the faster you use them up, the sooner your account is toast.

So familiarize yourself with all the rules of posting so that your account may live in luxury to a ripe old age.

For example, if you post an ad at noon on Monday, CraigsList wants you to wait until noon on Wednesday (48 hours later) before re-posting that same ad.

These CraigsList Phone-Verified Accounts also come with another distinguishing feature which will be a great convenience to you and save you a lot of time:

Each account is set up to forward to a master email account, so that you can quickly check *all* your ads by logging into just *one* email account.

The master email account is pop-enabled so it synchronizes with Outlook or your favorite email client. This means that managing your postings is a snap.

These accounts are guaranteed to work. Follow the instructions in your zip file for posting your first ads. If you are unable to place an ad on any one of these accounts within 24 hours of receipt, it will be replaced immediately.

From your first ad forward, please abide by the CraigsList Terms of Service, so that you do not get your account banned because you did not follow the rules.

If you are in a position to advertise your products or services on CraigsList, then you hold in your hands an invaluable business asset.

Please take good care of it.

Many people, for whatever reason, are not so fortunately situated, and that is why these CraigsList Phone-Verified Accounts are being offered here. The investment is minimal, and the potential rewards are enormous.

Image Ads Service

The first reason to use an image ad with your CraigsList Phone-Verified Accounts is for ad-testing purposes. You design the best ad you can, convert it to an image, and designate it as your "Control".

You run it "live" to see how it performs, and then you design a second ad where you change *only one thing* about it, convert that second ad to an image, designate that as your "Challenger", and run it "live" to see how it performs.

If your "Challenger" performs better than your "Control", then your Challenger becomes your new Control, and you design a third ad where you change *only one thing* about it, convert that third ad to an image, designate that as your new "Challenger", and run it "live to see how it performs.

If your new Challenger does not perform as well as your new Control, then you scrap it and keep designing new ads, changing one element at a time, until you hit on a design that gets a better rate of response than your Control, at which point your new Challenger becomes your new Control and you start the process all over again.

This is how all professional advertisers learn from their own experiences how to get the best possible response rates from their advertising copy.

You can do an image ad yourself for free, or you can have us do one for you, to go with your order of CraigsList Phone-Verified Accounts, for $40.

Note: Graphic Image Ads -- the ones with pictures -- can be very appealing to the eye and generate more sales than conventional text-based ads. They can give your company an established look and instill trust in the mind of your customers and clients. A good Graphic Image Ad can get your CraigsList advertising campaign off to a flying start.

Simply fill out the form below for more information.

You can get 5 PVAs for $30, 10 PVAs for $50, 25 PVAs for $125 ... 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed ... Volume Discounts Available

Graphic Image Ads available upon request for $40 ...

For More Information and Updates Re

CraigsList Phone-Verified Accounts

Fill Out The Form Below Now

First Name:
Your Email:

Please use your *primary* email address.

It will never be released it to anyone.

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How to "Make Money Now Online" with "Affiliate Article Marketing"

How to “Make Money Now Online” with “Affiliate Article Marketing”

A Resource for the Home-Based Entrepreneur

How to choose an effective keyword/phrase for your article

How to get your article seen on the 1st page of Google

How to get buyers from your article to your website

The secret to success is to (1) write your article around a keyword that some people are looking for, but not too many, and that has some competition, but not too much; and (2) choose a publisher with the highest possible page rank for your purpose.

Hello, Everybody ...

The other day, a friend of mine sent me an SOS.
What he's trying to do is to make money now online using affiliate article marketing. (Note: For educational purposes, these two keywords/phrases will be italicized in this article so you can see where and how often they occur.)

My friend is having trouble sorting out all the things he's supposed to do in that regard, and the order in which he's supposed to do them, so he appealed to me for help. I'm no "guru" on the subject, but I have had a few things published, so I shared with him what I have learned, as follows:


When we key into Google a phrase like -- low-fat bacon -- we get all the results for the word "low" and all the results for the word "fat" and all the results for the word "bacon" and all the results for various combinations of these words ... totaling 1,290,000, in this case.

When we put quotes around it -- "low-fat bacon" -- we get all the results for just that one particular phrase ... totaling 4,180, in this case. And what this tells us is that there are 4,180 websites that have this particular phrase on them.

The reason we want to know this is, if the number is small enough, then there is some hope that an article we get published in EzineArticles, say, or AssociatedContent, or any other article directory, will actually get shown on page 1 of those natural search results ... free of charge!

Mind you, if a searcher doesn't put quotes around the phrase, then our article probably won't get seen by that particular searcher because there are so many millions of competing results for it, but lots of people do put quotes around their search terms because they want to pull up all the good stuff, too ... all the best results, in other words. Also, there are exceptions to the rules of thumb as to which articles get seen and by whom.

For example, if you type the word -- blastomatic -- into Google, you will see that there are 16,500 results. Despite this, a blog post I wrote way back in October of 2006 is still in the #2 position on the first page. Every now and then somebody pops into #2 ahead of me as a result of some tricky-dick linking strategies, but it never lasts. Eventually they disappear, and I'm back up in the #2 spot just as before.

I admit that I don't perfectly understand what is happening, here, but my guess is that "content is still king" and that sooner or later the cream will rise to the top.

I don't mean to imply by this that there is anything especially remarkable about what I wrote in that post ... unless it is the fact that it is 2,800 words long!

I'm simply pointing out that, while normally you wouldn't expect an article to climb over much more than 5,000 results to get to the 1st page, there are exceptions to that rule of thumb, and this would seem to be one of them, since it has climbed over 16,500 results. (Note: This is another way of saying that, if you want to increase the probability that your article will get seen, then what you do is write it around keywords/phrases like make money now online or affiliate article marketing which have much less competition than, say, "money" or "affiliate".

However, according to the Overture Keyword Selector Tool, "blastomatic" was only searched on about 40 times last month. Even if you multiply that by a factor of 8-10 for Google, you still only get about 300-400 searches, and this may not be enough for what you have in mind. If what you're trying to do is make money now online, and if the way you're trying to do it is by affiliate article marketing, then you may need to look for keywords/phrases that are searched on more times each month than this one.

But even if this is sufficient search activity for your purposes, there is another matter to take into consideration, and that's the fact that there is only one sponsored ad or paid result on the first page of that term. What this tells you is that the people who are searching on this term probably aren't buying anything but rather are just looking, so maybe it might be a good idea to rethink your plan to target that term and research some other keywords/phrases that are searched on more often, and which have more paid advertisers on the first page, as well, because that's a signal to you that somebody is making money with those other keywords/phrases ... and that somebody might just as well be you!

For example, I chose the term (with quotes) -- "make money now online" -- because I wanted to see if I could get an article published there. I figured that, since there were only 890 competing websites on Google using that exact phrase, I might stand a chance of getting my article on the 1st page despite the fact that anything having to do with "make money" is fiercely competitive.

As of this writing, there's an entry in the #6 position under that term, Elizabeth Adams's Content Producer Page - Associated Content, so I guess I made it. Also, there's lots of sponsored ads over on the right, so I know I'm in a place where people are spending money, because if they weren't, then there wouldn't be any ads there at all. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have put my product site 1000perday in my resource box in addition to my theme site elizabethadamsdirect, but all's well that ends well. People are still finding their way to my product site as a result of that article under that search term.

If you type into Google -- "reverse-margin marketing" -- with quotes and hyphen, you'll see an example of what Kyle and Carson are talking about with respect to being first in regard to a particular search term. Before my article was published on the 4th of February (my wedding anniversary!), there were exactly 3 natural search results under that term and 0 sponsored results. Now, all the results on the 1st page are mine and most of the results on the second page are mine, too, and the total has grown to 240! The sponsored ad over to the right on the 1st page is mine, as well, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't click on it. If you would like to see the particular page my husband made for it, then please *right-click* on the top link of the ad, go to "properties", copy/paste the big long Google url into a browser, hit return, and you'll be taken to my website via another route. This is a good thing for everyone to remember, that you can satisfy your curiosity as to what an ad is about without costing the advertiser any money in order to do it. Remember: What goes around, comes around. Someday it will be *your* ad that people are clicking on!

In case you didn't notice it, that article title actually has *two* keywords/phrases in it: "make money now online" and "reverse-margin marketing". I did this deliberately because I wanted to see what would happen if I put a "high-competition" term in juxtaposition with a "low-competition" one. I'm reporting here that it had the happy effect of getting my article seen in two places on Google instead of one!

And that brings up another point: Your article, once it's published, will get picked up and re-published by many other websites across the internet. You can see for yourself that this is true by looking deeper into the search results for "reverse-margin marketing". When you do, you'll see dozens upon dozens of references to "Pays 100% $1000 Directly To You Immediately". Websites all over the world are hungry for good content, so if you are willing to provide it, you will be richly rewarded by plenty of exposure. And it's all free!

Tip: The 8th result on the 1st page (as of this writing) and the 4th result on the 2nd page is a different article I wrote on the same subject. It was published by, which I discovered quite by accident is more lenient in regard to articles sounding like sales pitches or press releases, so if you're having trouble getting published by EzineArticles or AssociatedContent, for example, you could try submitting your article to Amazines and see what happens. Be aware, though, that the page rank of Amazines is lower than that of EzineArticles or AssociatedContent, which means that it doesn't have quite as much "pulling power" when it comes to how many thousands of results it can climb over in order to get your article seen on the 1st page of any particular keyword/phrase, so you're going to have to compensate for this by selecting a keyword/phrase with somewhat less competition.

Notice how the 8th result on the 1st page above is a link to a *directory* of articles where it would be very difficult for a visitor to find my article, and the 4th result on the 2nd page is a link to the *actual* article, "E. D. C. Gold Changes Lives in Days Not Years". One of the things I see more and more is Google listing a general directory of articles rather than a specific article. I'm not sure why this is happening, but it may have something to do with Google wanting its visitors to have a "positive user experience" and thinking that a listing showing many articles is preferable to a listing showing only one. I don't know if there's anything you can do about it -- whether striving to improve the quality of your content would have any effect on it, for example -- but I think you deserve to know that this is going on because it's bound to have an effect on the visibility of your article.

Warmest Regards ...

Elizabeth Adams

P.S. I know that this whole article-marketing thing can seem completely non-sensical just at first. The best advice I can give you is to make sure through the Overture Keyword Selector Tool referenced above that at least some people are actually typing in the keyword/phrase you're proposing to use, because it's the people who are typing it in that you're trying to get in front of, right? Right! Also, 100 searches a month in Overture translates to roughly 800-1000 searches a month in Google, so keep this little tidbit of information in mind as you make your selections. Also, be sure to include your keywords/phrases in your resource box in the form of bold anchor text (words that are hyperlinked to a website). This is what helps search engines to find and list your article under those keywords/phrases so people searching the web can find them ... and you! Tip: Another thing that helps is offering something of value to your readers in your resource box, as this will inspire more people to click on your link. I like to offer The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising because it includes access to $1,200 worth of free pay-per-click advertising, which can be a big help to people who are trying to jump-start their business.

N.B. The important thing, here, is to get to that "a-ha!" place in your head where all the confusion suddenly melts away and you "get it" ... the main points of it, anyway ... the fundamental principles. The internet being what it is, things having to do with how to make money now online with affiliate article marketing are likely to shift and change and never be exactly the same from one day to the next, but at least you can reach a point in your head where you feel like you get the general idea. When you stop and actually think about it, it's no more nor less than what you do every day of the week, yourself. Something comes up, you get on the internet and type it into Google along with +reviews or +articles or +forums or whatever in an effort to find out more about it, and whatever it is you're hoping to find when *you* type in how to "make money now online with affiliate article marketing" is just exactly and precisely what you should put in your reviews and articles and forum posts or on your website or in your blog or squidoo tag. Do as you would be done by, as the saying goes. Cast your bread on the waters, and it will come back to you buttered!

Get Your $1,200 Free Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Learn How To Become A Very Wealthy Affiliate

No-Cost Methods of Making Money on the Net

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"EDC Gold Changes Lives
In Days Not Years"

From the desk of Elizabeth Adams ...

New Reverse-Margin Marketing Compensation Plan Pays 100% or $1000 Per Sale Plus $2000 For Mentoring Qualifying Representatives.

Note: This business may not be for you. If it isn't, that's perfectly fine. There are many ways to make a living on the internet today, so if this one doesn't fit with your philosophy or your interests, there's bound to be another one that does, and I wish you success in your search.

Meanwhile, if you'd care to take a look at this one and listen to the audios and watch the videos, you're certainly welcome to do so. It's free to sign up to look around in the "back office" and check out all the training resources and everything, so I would encourage you to do that. Plus, you can always just pick up the phone and call me if you'd like to get my answers to any questions you may have. My phone number is 360-275-8595, and I'm in Washington State, USA, which is on Pacific Time.

What follows is some information I put together for you here about the product offered by EDC Gold and also its excellent training in internet marketing and advertising. I thought you might appreciate a bit of an overview, first, before you go to my website.

The Product

The product is a comprehensive package of software, scripts, ebooks and pdfs (valued at $125,000 if purchased separately) and is equipped to meet every imaginable need that a start-up internet business might have.

For example, there is software for making audios and videos and fly-in ads. There is a package on how to make cash from articles and one which contains a roadmap for affiliate marketing success.

For those new to internet marketing, there is a package entitled "Newbie's Guide to Online Fortunes" and one called "Business Goldmine: 100 Low Risk, High-Return Internet Business Models."

Full Resell Rights come with this package, so you can make additional income marketing it either in whole or in part, and full instructions are provided for how to do that, plus marketing and advertising ideas.

A special software package for "brick-and-mortar" businesses looking to establish a presence on the internet is also included. The market for it is enormous ... something like 11 million small- to medium-sized businesses need it right now today and will be needing it even more in the next few years if they intend to survive.

The Training

In addition to the software, also included is specialized training by EDC Gold leaders in the art and science of running a successful internet business.

For the home-based entrepreneur, this "insiders training" is invaluable. Advice and recommendations from seasoned internet marketers can help you collapse time frames and make as much money as possible as fast as feasible.

There is training, for example, in proven marketing strategies, autoresponders, pay-per-click advertising, working with your leads, guerilla marketing, and many more modules that will save you time and help you jump-start your business so that you can begin making sales off the internet within just days of joining the company.

You will also be given your own lead-capture page and presentation website that "converts like crazy" so that all you have to do is drive traffic to it and then let the marketing system take over from there. It's the closest thing I've ever seen to "a business in a box."

There is a step-by-step plan on how to get started, for example, so that you can get right into productive mode as soon as you've signed up.

A wide selection of advertising methods is provided from which you can choose those that best fit your budget. The basic truth, here, is that those who make the most money are those who do the most advertising!

No-cost advertising alternatives are also available and many of them, such as writing articles and press releases are not only free to do but also extremely effective in getting visitors into your marketing system.

In short, you'll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. There's conference calls and live training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and also on Saturday mornings. And all day long, Monday through Friday, you can log on to the support center and get answers to any questions you might have in real time as you go along building your business and achieving your financial goals.

A sale a day is a reasonable, achievable objective as soon as your promotional activities are directing traffic to your marketing system. And each sale pays you 100% or $1000 plus $2000 for mentoring qualifying representatives. That's why I say, "EDC Gold Changes Lives in Days Not Years."

Yours in success,

Elizabeth Adams

P.S. I have an excellent "Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising" which I gladly share with everyone who comes into this wonderful business with me. It covers everything from A to Z and also includes over $1,200 in free pay-per-click advertising coupons to help you jump start your business.

N.B. My very best wishes to you and your family.

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Make Money Now Online with Reverse-Margin Marketing

Make Money Now Online with

Reverse-Margin Marketing

Reverse-Margin Marketing might be your best choice of business model if your definition of “Now" is "in a day or two", and if your definition of "Money" is "a thousand or two."

Other models you could choose to make money now online either take longer or return less than would fit your definitions of "Now" and "Money".

One choice might be to market products offered by network-marketing companies, but they only pay once a month. The percentage of the retail price that would come to you is very small. True, your checks would get bigger as your organization gets larger, but then that takes longer, too.

A second choice might be to market products offered by affiliate-marketing companies, but they only pay once every two weeks. The percentage of the retail price that would come to you is much larger, but the number of sales you're likely to make is probably going to be much smaller—especially in the beginning.

A third and far better choice is Reverse-Margin Marketing. This choice combines the benefits of the first two while avoiding their disadvantages: your payment is immediate and is most if not all of the retail price. How does Reverse-Margin Marketing work?

Instead of buying a widget for $3 which you turn around and sell for $4, leaving you with a gross profit margin of $1, you sell the widget for $4 *first* and *then* pay the company $1 to fulfill the order *after* the $4 is in your bank account. After paying the company, your gross profit margin is $3. With Reverse-Margin Marketing, *you* are the one who gets paid first—and with the biggest piece of the pie.

Most importantly, your customer is paying you directly, not the company. The entire purchase price goes directly into your merchant account and from there directly into your bank account. You don't have to wait for a company-generated paycheck.

Reverse-Margin Marketing programs have another, very important, advantage. You establish "paylines" in the marketing process that produce additional revenue down the road. A "payline" is a revenue stream that is intended to compensate you for mentoring others who want to learn the business. The Reverse-Margin Marketing model acknowledges that your time and talents are valuable and compensates you for them accordingly.

As with many marketing models, there is an entry fee for Reverse-Margin Marketing. The *right* to resell the product costs money. In order to make money selling it, in other words, you have to pay for the right to do so. In this respect, Reverse-Margin Marketing has something in common with franchising, except that it's a lot less expensive, as well as a lot less restrictive.

The good news is that companies offering Reverse-Margin Marketing programs often have what you might call "sweat-equity" provisions which can be brought into play as a way of off-setting the buy-in. Personal production in the form of a specified number of sales up front, in other words, can usually be accepted in lieu of purchase money.

You may have questions about Reverse-Margin Marketing. Most people do, when they first hear about it, because it's so different from what they're used to. At the same time, they tend to be excited about it, too, because getting paid fast and getting paid well are two things that are very much on the minds of many marketers, myself included.

The quickest way to get more information about it is to go to your favorite search engine and type in the following phrase, quotation marks and all: "Reverse-Margin Marketing". This will weed out all the results having to do with just "marketing", or just "margin", or just "reverse", and give you only those results pertaining to the whole concept of "Reverse-Margin Marketing", which is probably your best choice if what you want to do is make money now online.

Elizabeth Adams Direct — Resources For The Home-Based Entrepreneur — recommends that you get the latest information about how you can be in positive daily cash flow within 24-48 hours of start-up by going to ...
make money now online.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Get Targeted Website Traffic With FreeTrafficBar

Get Targeted Website Traffic

With FreeTrafficBar -- Review and Recommendation

By Elizabeth Adams

FreeTrafficBar is a web search toolbar that markets your business while you surf the net. If you have ever wished you could highlight your search terms so you could see them easily without having to read whole pages of text in order to discover if they're even there or not, then you'll be happy to hear that your wish has been granted. This new toolbar comes with a highlighter built right into it.

The Search Box

On the far left of the FreeTrafficBar, there's a built-in search box that lets you (a) type your keywords directly into it without wasting any time bringing up a whole new browser window, (b) select which search engine you want to use, and (c) turn on the "paint brush" so your keywords show up in a rainbow of pretty colors on your computer screen.

Other Engines

Although Google is certainly the largest search engine,
it is by no means the only one, and quite often you can achieve more relevant results with other engines, especially when you're looking for things like opinions, people, pictures, audio, video and state-of-the-art software.

Google, unfortunately, is under constant attack from a huge number of search-engine optimizers, marketers, web designers and others trying to get top ranking for their own site or their clients' sites. Although some of these people use "white-hat" techniques (improving their content to make their website a leader in its field), many others use "black-hat" techniques (tricking or scamming the Google algorithms into giving them a high ranking when they don't deserve it).

Google works hard to keep its results relevant, but this constant attack definitely affects the quality of their results, with some of the top searches being totally unrelated to the topic being searched for.

So what is the solution?

The solution is a tool that makes it easy to access other engines and blogs and article databases and even to search the invisible web without having to drop what you're doing and dig into your "favorites" file and see if you can find where you hid the links to Clusty and Grokker so you can get the results you need without taking all day about it.

FreeTrafficBar is just such a tool. There's more to the Internet than Google, and this tool enables you to explore it.

In the words of Chris Sherman of SearchEngineWatch:

"This is very cool!"

But can you make it work?

Fortunately for all of us non-techies out there, the developer of this ingenious little tool has made a couple of training videos that walk you right through everything you need to know in order to play in Google's "Sandbox" and explore all the marketing tools that come with it as well as access all the databases for information relevant to your search terms.

In addition, there is a selection of audio files in the forum on various topics of interest to marketers who want to get targeted website traffic. For example, there's one on "Using Lead Capture Pages to Stop Wasting Traffic" and another on "Writing Internet Ads That Sell", and free live training twice a month on how to advertise more effectively online.

Nine Advantages of Becoming A Member:

  1. In addition to the researching and marketing tools just mentioned, one of the great things about FreeTrafficBar is that it rewards you in terms of either credits or dollars for doing something you do everyday, anyway, which is surf the net.

  2. Members using the free toolbar have the opportunity to create headline ads about their products or services linking to their own websites. These headlines are shown to other users of the toolbar in rotation. While toolbar users browse the web, they are generating advertising credits as the headlines rotate, gaining credits to show their ad to other users. As they invite other people to join, they also generate additional credits as their referred members browse.

  3. You're not forced to look at advertiser sites, or interrupted with pop-ups, or bombarded with sales pitches. You only click on the ads you'd really like to know more about. You never have to visit sites you don't want to, and you earn credits while going to the same sites you use every day.

  4. Your privacy is completely protected. The FreeTrafficBar neither knows nor tracks what pages you visit, and there is no adware, spyware or scumware.

  5. You can choose what categories of ads you want to see in your profile, and preference is given to showing ads in your toolbar that fit the category you choose. What this means to you from your vantage point as an advertiser is that you aren't wasting your advertising credits on people who have no interest in your type of product or service.

  6. The toolbar itself is so good that people want it and use it even when they have no product to market. The inherent usefulness of the toolbar makes people want to try it out and, once they've fallen in love with it, they don't want to part with it!

  7. As far as the ads themselves are concerned, there are three kinds: toolbar ads, text ads, and banner ads. You can earn additional credits and build your downline by adding graphic or text banners to your website. This way, you will get additional credits each time someone visits your website. In addition, if people join from the banner link, they are added to your downline.

  8. Both "Free" and "Pro" membership accounts are offered. Pro accounts give you a better surf ratio (1:1 Pro versus 4:1 Free), more monthly credits, and make you eligible for 50% commissions on the monthly Pro-account renewals and credits purchases of those you refer. When you sign up for a Free account, you get a bonus of 500 credits; when you sign up for a Pro account, you get a bonus of 15,000 credits. Also, as a special perk for becoming a Pro member, you can get the $300 Internet Marketers Version of CamStudio Video-Production Software for just $9.97.

  9. FreeTrafficBar can also be used by special-interest groups and fund-raising organizations to get targeted website traffic to their home page. This tool is essentially "viral" in nature because it's so easy to share and so quick to spread.

One Disadvantage:

It takes a little bit longer for your browser to open once this toolbar has been installed, so if "speed" is higher on your priority list than "search", you might want to give this tool a miss. The only way to be sure, though, is to check it out for yourself and see how much you enjoy using all its features.

In Conclusion:

Garland Coulson, the developer of FreeTrafficBar, lives in British Columbia and is a professional speaker and trainer on Internet Marketing. He has spent many hours testing various tools to see which ones work best for his students and clients. The FreeTrafficBar he has created gives you quick access to the best Internet Marketing tools he has found. Many of these are free or very low cost. They include traffic builders, ad trackers, autoresponders, website builders and templates, hosting, public relations tools, copywriting, form generators and more, and new ones are being added all the time. The Resale Rights Library alone now contains 124 products, so if you're on a budget and haven't yet found a product you want to take to market, this might be a good place to begin to look for one.

More Information:

For screen captures and video clips
of FreeTrafficBar in action, visit

Get Targeted Website Traffic

About the Author:

One of the biggest challenges that many of us face today is how to market our businesses. Elizabeth Adams reviews and recommends products and services which she feels may assist online internet marketers with the resolution of that problem.

Copyright 2006 - Elizabeth Adams. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long as you leave all of the links active, do not edit the article in any way, give author name credit and follow all of the EzineArticles terms of service for Publishers.